Huge announcement about Macklin Celebrini's draft

Carl Vaillancourt
April 25, 2024  (9:40 PM)

Macklin Celebrini
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While the players of the Tricolore have been hitting the golf course for a week, 16 teams are competing for the prestigious Stanley Cup Trophy. As they await the draft, Tricolore fans have received excellent news regarding Macklin Celebrini.

According to a well-known hockey insider, Priyantha Emrith, the NHL Draft Lottery will take place either on May 6th or 7th. This means that in two weeks, we will know the position at which the Habs will be picking in the amateur draft in June.
According to experts, Macklin Celebrini represents the brightest prospect of the 2024 class. In 38 games with the Boston Terriers, the Canadian forward scored 32 goals and provided 32 assists during his time in Massachusetts.

Which team will hit a home run and acquire the excellent Macklin Celebrini? Major announcement regarding the 2024 lottery date!

Traditionally, the Bettman circuit prepares a special broadcast for this significant day for at least one NHL franchise. In previous years, broadcasters ESPN, Sportsnet, and TVA Sports have presented special shows to generate interest in this famous lottery.
During this eventful evening, the top 16 selections will be unveiled. The Tricolore's chances of landing in the top 2 are 17.1%. Finishing 28th in the overall standings, the team has an 8.5% chance for the first pick, and since it's a non-replacement draw, the odds slightly improve to 8.6% for the second pick.
According to the excellent site Tankathon, the San Jose Sharks have the highest likelihood of selecting first, with 18.5%. The top 5 is rounded out by the Chicago Blackhawks (13.5%), the Anaheim Ducks (11.5%), the Columbus Blue Jackets (9.5%), and the Montreal Canadiens (8.5%).
Based on the probabilities, the Tricolore is more likely to pick sixth than in the top five selections. With a 44% chance of landing in the sixth spot, fans will be fervently praying that the Montreal Canadiens' balls find the exit as quickly as possible. Nothing is impossible. Everyone still remembers the New York Rangers' ball finding the exit, thereby granting Alexis Lafrenière to the Big Apple.
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