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LOTTERY: The NHL has restarted the draw four times, and it's historic

Published May 8, 2024 at 10:13

Yesterday was the NHL draft lottery, and as usual, rumors were circulating about it being rigged. The draw was restarted four times, adding to the speculation.

However, logic prevailed as the Sharks won the lottery, having the highest odds. For Macklin Celebrini, whose father works nearby, it's a wish come true.

But the Sharks weren't just lucky for the first overall pick. There are two draws, one for the first-place winner and another for the second place.

The Sharks won the first place, then the second. So the NHL had to restart, and guess what? The Sharks won the second place again.

"In the event that the same team wins both the first and second draws, it's already in the rules that another draw must be held to determine a winner. But it's never happened in the league's history, which has had a lottery since 1995. Yesterday, it happened not once but twice!"

It took four draws for the Blackhawks to finally be named in the second position. Unprecedented! So, we can say goodbye to the speculations. The fact that the draw was done four times isn't cheating.

"The SanJose Sharks actually won the 1st three draft lottery draws. The Chicago Blackhawks won the 4th drawing for the second overall pick.

First time in NHL Draft Lottery history they had one redraw, let alone two." - Greg Wyshynski

This means that the Canadiens had an 8.5% chance of winning the second place three times, but it was ultimately the Blackhawks who came out on top. Once again, logic prevailed, but it was more complicated.

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LOTTERY: The NHL has restarted the draw four times, and it's historic

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