A surprising decision from Patrick Roy at the Isles' training session

Carl Vaillancourt
April 22, 2024  (4:56 PM)

Patrick Roy
Photo credit: New York Post

Staying true to his habits, Patrick Roy once again surprised the press gallery with a rather unexpected decision! The New York Islanders' head coach put an end to the morning practice after just 13 minutes!

Over the past few years, Patrick Roy has shown that he cannot be considered a conventional coach. We'll remember the first time he pulled his goalie in the middle of the third period to score a power-play goal. All the blogs and media outlets shared those images.
His color, passion, authenticity, intensity, and ability to take risks at the right moment make him a top choice as a coach in the Bettman circuit. Lou Lamoriello has hit a home run!
A 13-Minute Practice for Patrick Roy's Men This Morning
A journalist assigned to cover the Carolina Hurricanes confided to TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau that it was the first time in his life he had seen such a thing.
Another colleague from the American press suggested that it was the shortest practice he had attended in a long time.
The Islanders' morning practice lasted exactly 13 minutes.
"The shortest practice I've seen in a very long time," a local press member told me, here in Carolina.

Patrick Roy.

Via journalist Anthony Martineau, from TVA Sports

There's a rationale behind this 13-minute practice. In his press conference after the first game against the Canes, Patrick Roy praised the work of his players. He mentioned a few small adjustments to be made. In order to preserve his players' energy reserves, the specific repetitions on elements of the game to be perfected had to be addressed during the video sessions from the day before. Once satisfied with his team's work, Patrick Roy ended the session as he usually does in the NHL. These are probably the explanations behind this type of practice!
In a humorous tone, journalist Anthony Martineau highlighted that it took longer to put on hockey equipment than the actual practice. That's not wrong! Always the right words to make us laugh, dear Anthony!
"Putting on gear took longer than practicing." - Martineau

Patrick Roy's Islanders are trailing 0-1 in their best-of-seven series against the Carolina Hurricanes. In the first game, the Canes secured a 3-1 victory. It will be interesting to see if Patrick Roy will stick with Varlamov or give Sorokin another shot in goal.
To be continued...
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