Connor Bedard
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Disastrous scene involving Connor Bedard: It's completely ridiculous

Published March 17, 2024 at 11:33 PM

Connor Bedard missed a few games due to a fractured jaw, but he came back strong. The most recent first overall pick has accumulated 53 points in 54 games this year, a rookie high.

Other teams have their eye on him, and Calen Addison of the San Jose Sharks decided to add insult to injury.

While Bedard was down to play the puck, Addison dropped down on him in the corner of the ice. So far, nothing too serious. We see that fairly regularly.

It's what happened next that's shocking. Addison got up, and Tyler Johnson went to talk to him, wanting to protect his young teammate. Without even touching Addison, he flopped to the ice as if he'd just taken a big hit.

The dive of the year in the NHL, no doubt. Tim Stutzle couldn't have done better. This kind of play is disastrous for the league's image; it simply has no place. It's shameful.

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Disastrous scene involving Connor Bedard: It's completely ridiculous

Should the league suspend players who dive like this?

Yes27890.6 %
No299.4 %
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