NHL.com : Rumor of Stamkos with Habs

Carl Vaillancourt
April 22, 2024  (11:03 PM)

Steven Stamkos et Martin St-Louis
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Kent Hughes pledged this in his press conference, promising to be active in giving his team a shot at next spring's dance in 12 months.These rumors are directly from the Bettman circuit's official website.

Moreover, in a recently published article on the NHL website, journalist Dan Rosen intriguingly revealed that if Stamkos leaves Tampa Bay, "Montreal would be the most logical destination to welcome the star forward."
In addition to this news, the list of clues pointing in this direction is interesting and adds to the credibility of Dan Rosen's piece.
Firstly, let's talk about the rather bizarre contractual situation between Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning. At the beginning of the season, both parties seemed to tread carefully when it came to expressing a desire to partner for many years. This sentiment was felt on both Steven Stamkos's side and the team's management.
Second clue: Steven Stamkos had a close relationship when he played with Martin St-Louis. St-Louis served as a mentor to Stamkos when the young man was the first overall pick in 2008.
Third point: During the weekend press conference, Kent Hughes and his boss, Jeff Gorton, were clear about their intentions to acquire a dominant player by the next training camp.
Fourth argument: The certainty expressed by Jeff Gorton that Martin St-Louis is an asset as a selling point to veterans and free agents. His dynamism, winning attitude, and charisma make him a preferred coach, as evidenced by his bosses activating the two years of option on his contract.
Finally, in that same press conference, Kent Hughes sent a message that speaks volumes about his willingness to make a splash in the hockey and media circuit. He stated that this would be the most important summer of his young career as a general manager in the Bettman circuit.
There are probably a few more clues with exhaustive research, but let's say these five elements suggest that management will be active this summer.

What if the Canadiens' major summer acquisition was Steven Stamkos?

"If there's a free agent available, an excellent player, who could really help us, we'll be attentive." - Jeff Gorton

Among free agents, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos is at the top of the list. His goal-scoring ability and playoff experience could be appealing to Kent Hughes.
"If Stamkos becomes a free agent, I think he'll want to go to a big market on the brink of a bright future. The Montreal Canadiens are a logical choice, especially with Martin St-Louis as coach. Stamkos and St-Louis were close when they were teammates in Tampa Bay, and they still are. St-Louis would love to have a player like Stamkos to show the way in Montreal."

- Dan Rosen

Yes, he could really help the Montreal Canadiens:
"He's the type of experienced and offensive veteran they need. And, let's not kid ourselves, Montreal is Montreal, a legendary hockey market, and playing for the Canadiens is special. It's the most logical option if Stamkos leaves." - Dan Rosen

Stamkos, 34, was the first overall pick in the 2008 amateur draft. With the league's leading scorer Nikita Kucherov, the veteran surpassed the 40-goal mark in 2023-2024 while collecting 81 points in 79 games. These statistics suggest a significant offensive reinforcement for the team that manages to sign him in full autonomy.
Although he's 34, he could find himself in the right spot in Montreal and thus lend a hand to his former teammate Martin St-Louis in supporting the development of young players like Suzuki, Caufield, Slafkovsky, etc...
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Steven Stamkos with the Canadiens: A major revelation surfaces
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NHL.com : Rumor of Stamkos with Habs

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