AUGUST 15, 2023  (4:03 PM)

Kent Hughes has just made a huge revelation about the Jeff Petry trade

It's now confirmed, Jeff Petry had only a brief stint in Montreal, as the Canadiens have just traded him to the Detroit Red Wings.

During a press conference he held immediately after the announcement of the trade, Kent Hughes made a major revelation about the acquisition process of the 35-year-old defenseman.

He disclosed that he was in the car when he contacted the Penguins' GM, Kyle Dubas, the Saturday before the trade was confirmed, to find out where negotiations stood with the Sharks for the acquisition of Erik Karlsson.

It was during this conversation with his counterpart from Pittsburgh that Hughes learned Montreal was not on Petry's no-trade list, allowing for a possible three-team trade, as the veteran had initially refused a trade that would have sent him directly to San Jose.

The Canadiens' general manager also confessed that the goal was not to bring Petry back to Montreal, who had requested a trade from the organization just a year earlier.

He also stated that ideally, there would have been another trade confirmation for him sooner, but the fact that the deal between Pittsburgh and San Jose had to be finalized on Sunday meant that the Canadiens could not properly negotiate for the American defenseman.

He concluded by stating that given he was sure the former Canadien would leave the team again, that's the reason why the organization did not present him to the media to comment on the transaction.

So, we learned an interesting detail in passing, as Hughes managed to negotiate this trade in less than 24 hours, which is genuinely impressive!

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