Change of situation: Several buyer groups are awaiting NHL approval to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec

Published May 19, 2023 at 10:14

Since the project to build a new amphitheater in Tempe was rejected, the future of the Coyotes in Arizona seems increasingly uncertain. While the NHL has confirmed that the organization will compete next season at Mullet Arena, there is no doubt that this solution is not feasible in the long term.

If the Coyotes are unable to reach an agreement with a city ready to host them in the next year, NHL leaders will have no choice but to proceed with the relocation of the franchise.

While many fans would love to see the American team move to Quebec, the National League seems to want to keep the team in the United States. Cities like Salt Lake City and Houston have already shown interest in having a team in the Bettman circuit soon.

However, during his appearance on the show« JiC »on TVA Sports, former NHL defenseman Philippe Boucher made a statement that could reassure some Quebec fans. According to him, Quebec has ample financial capabilities to support an NHL market in the Belle Province.

He mentioned that a year and a half ago, he met with a former NHL executive who told him that everything was in place for Quebec to get the Nordiques back quickly. Philippe Boucher also added that he believed in this possibility, but that it would have to materialize very soon.

"He was telling me 'Phil, I believe in it. The checks are ready, there's more than one group that's capable of bringing a club to Quebec. There's a lot of money in Quebec, more than people think. There are people who are ready to do it, and it's going to happen in the next two years, or it's not going to happen'. We're talking about about 14 months ago, he's someone I respect a lot."

I still believe in it, but it would have to happen soon."

According to Philippe Boucher, several groups would be ready to invest a considerable sum to see the Nordiques return to Quebec, but they are still waiting for NHL approval to move forward with this project.

These statements will certainly bring a glimmer of hope to fans, even though unfortunately, Gary Bettman seems reluctant to bring a second team to Quebec.

If it's not the Coyotes, could we see another NHL franchise move to Quebec in the coming years?

One thing is certain, it's very encouraging to see that there are several groups who would be ready to financially support an NHL team. Let's hope strongly that the National League will change its mind and finally agree to proceed with the return of the Nordiques.

Imagine the frenzy there would be in Quebec if the Canadiens and the Nordiques had to face off in the playoffs, it would possibly be one of the best rivalries in the Bettman circuit.

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Change of situation: Several buyer groups are awaiting NHL approval to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec

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