Sidney Crosby Has Made a Sensational Gesture That is Making Waves on the Web

Published May 19, 2023 at 9:38

Like many players who take advantage of a break before diving back into the summer period when training resumes to prepare for the upcoming season, Sidney Crosby was recently on a trip to the Bahamas with his partner.

An extraordinary story involving him has surfaced on social media, as the Pittsburgh Penguins' captain made a gesture of great class towards fans he met there.

Basically, a family who holds season tickets for the Pens recognized number 87 in a restaurant but didn't want to disturb him, so they refrained from approaching him. However, their 10-year-old daughter, who was a little less shy, gathered her courage and told him that she was a big admirer, then asked Sidney if she could take a photo with him.

Not surprisingly, given his big heart, he quickly agreed and even went to join the family in question to take photos with them as well.

Moreover, in addition to being very accommodating to them, Sidney also paid for the family's dinner bill without their knowledge, and he left a note with an autograph for the little girl.

What a beautiful gesture by Crosby, which clearly demonstrates that in addition to being an exceptional hockey player and one of the greatest in the history of his sport, he is also a person of great character off the ice.

To quickly hear the story, RDS also made a short explanatory video:

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Sidney Crosby Has Made a Sensational Gesture That is Making Waves on the Web

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