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Disturbing analysis and a total lack of respect towards Juraj Slafkovsky

Published January 16, 2024 at 10:43

Once again last night, Juraj Slafkovsky had a strong game against the Colorado Avalanche. Not only did he score a significant goal, but he also had five shots on net, significantly better than his average per game.

Since returning to the line with Nick Suzuki, the young Slovak has been impressive, and everyone sees him as an integral part of the team, except for the analysts at Sportsnet.


- «What about moving Juraj Slafkovsky down the lineup on the 4th line?»

- «We'll wait & see where he'd shuffled into the lineup tonight.»

Juraj has been on the Habs 1st line for nearly a month now

Do a single one of these dudes ever watch a Habs game?

Really? It seems like they haven't watched Slafkovsky's recent performances to make such comments. It's a total lack of respect when he's not only very effective but also starting to seriously trouble his opponents, in addition to producing.

SN digging into Slafkovsky, because of the big hits he's taken.

Suggesting he needs to either play in Laval or on the 4th line. Said we'll see where he gets shuffled into the lineup tonight.

These were last year problems.

Terrible, lazy and uninformed analysis. - Habs Chronicle

In short, it seems like an analysis from a year ago that someone forgot to press "send" on and sent it a year late. As of today, Slafkovsky has 8 points in his last 12 games and is a key player on the Montreal Canadiens' 1st line.

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Disturbing analysis and a total lack of respect towards Juraj Slafkovsky

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