Huge surprise regarding Arber Xhekaj's brother, Florian, and it's very promising for what's to come

Elias Edmonson
August 31, 2023  (11:53)

In a recent column published on TVA Sports, Nicolas Cloutier uncovered a rather surprising news about the Montreal Canadiens' prospect, Florian Xhekaj. Indeed, Arber's brother, picked 101st in the last draft, experienced an abnormal growth spurt this summer, now making him a true physical beast.

Standing at 6'1" just a few months ago, the Hamilton Bulldogs' forward showed up to his junior team's training camp almost three inches taller. According to his coach Jay McKee, he's entirely transformed on the ice, seeming to have much more confidence in his abilities.
Wow! It's genuinely impressive to see a young man develop like this at the age of 19!
Already known for his very physical playing style, Florian Xhekaj is set to be a constant threat to his opponents this season. The Bulldogs' head coach expects his offensive production to improve significantly this year.
"He has gained considerably in bulk and physical strength. You'll see a much better offensive performance from him this season. I would like to compare him to an NHL player, but I've seen so much growth in him that I refrain from setting limits to his potential." - Jay McKee

Just like his brother Arber, can we anticipate a late-bloomer progression for the young Canadiens' prospect? One thing's for sure, the Canadiens' management must be thrilled with this turn of events, and it's safe to bet many in the front office will be closely watching his 2023-2024 performances.
"He has great hands and a fantastic shot. He plays with tenacity. There are many intangibles in his play; he really succeeds in aggravating the other team. He's tough to play against, and even when he's not putting up points, he's very effective."- Jay McKee

It's very encouraging to hear such remarks from his coach. There's no doubt that the Hamilton-native forward will have a more significant role this season, which should translate into better offensive statistics.
A fourth-round pick in the 2022 draft, Florian Xhekaj scored 13 goals and 12 assists (25 points) in 68 games last season, also earning 75 penalty minutes. It will be fascinating to follow his progression in the coming months.
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Huge surprise regarding Arber Xhekaj's brother, Florian, and it's very promising for what's to come

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