Bogdan Konyushkov
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A quality prospect from the Canadiens refuses a trade, and it's big

Published May 1, 2024 at 6:08 PM

When thinking about Canadiens prospects on defense, the names Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux, and David Reinbacher come to mind.

However, across the ocean, there are two others in particular who are turning heads: Adam Engstrom and Bogdan Konyushkov.

While Engstrom could be coming as soon as next fall, it will take a bit longer for Konyushkov due to his contract in the KHL. But he just demonstrated that he's a very loyal player.

Indeed, the highly promising young defenseman turned down a trade to join SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL.

"SKA tried to get #GoHabsGo prospect Bogdan Konyushkov.

Himself and the team rejected them.

Igor Larionov > Roman Rotenberg" - Via Hockey News Hub

This is great news for several reasons. We know that players from SKA have a lot of difficulty leaving the team once they're under contract with them.

Furthermore, it demonstrates his loyalty to his current team. Bogdan has already mentioned that he was very excited to be drafted by the Canadiens and that he was eager to join the team.

Once his contract in the KHL is over, you can be sure that Kent Hughes will do everything to reach an agreement with him and bring him to North America.

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A quality prospect from the Canadiens refuses a trade, and it's big

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