Nick Suzuki and her fiancee Caitlin Fitzgerald
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A touching post from Nick Suzuki's partner

Published May 13, 2024 at 10:11 PM

The captain of the Montreal Canadiens is someone relatively discreet in everyday life. He doesn't necessarily enjoy being the center of attention, even though he occasionally posts on Instagram.

His partner, Caitlin Fitzgerald, captured a very special moment for the young couple.

Nick Suzuki's peaceful life hasn't attracted much attention in the traditional media in recent weeks. It must be said that he has just had the most productive season of his young career with 33 goals and 77 points in 82 games. He may be tired and in need of rest after his team's elimination from the playoffs.

Invited by the Canadian team to the ongoing World Championships, Nick Suzuki declined the offer. He had a good reason for it. He wanted to go on a trip with his partner. At the time, several blogs and media outlets made a fuss about this news, but now the situation has returned to normal.

At the same time, there's media attention and negativity that can arise during a tough season like this one. The Canadiens ranked 28th. Expectations are always high for Montreal, and let's say that rest is not to be neglected when you're the team's top center.

On her own social media, Caitlin Fitzgerald posted idyllic photos of their trip. The couple had something to celebrate; earlier this month, the captain of the Montreal Canadiens officially proposed to his partner. So, another wedding will be added to the list of weddings among CH members.

When will we see another season of Hockeywives? It shouldn't be long! Imagine a documentary series about the lives of the wives of the CH players? That would be juicy! The idea is out there! If Chantal Machabée thinks it's a good idea, we're willing to help with the production!

Jokes aside, we offer you a series of photos from their trip!

They were also publicly congratulated by the Vice President of Communications for the CH, Chantal Machabée, and Angela Price.

Another special day for Nick Suzuki and his fiancée

In the past few hours, Caitlin said that on this May 13th, Nick and she officially celebrated their seventh anniversary as a couple today! This means that they started dating even before Nick Suzuki was drafted in the first round by the Las Vegas Golden Knights in June 2017.

An ex-employee of the Montreal Canadiens even showed his sense of humor for the occasion.

To see more photos posted by Nick Suzuki's fiancée, go to the following page.

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