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Arrival of David Reinbacher: Last-minute official statement from the Canadiens

Published March 15, 2024 at 2:13 PM

In the next few hours, David Reinbacher will finally know his fate, whether he is free to come to North America. His team in Switzerland is potentially playing its last match.

It's rare to wish for a defeat, but in this case, that's exactly what we wish for him. He would immediately be free as a bird, whereas if he wins, he'll have to play a best-of-seven series for relegation.

Reinbacher could, if he receives an invitation from the Canadiens, join the team's entourage and possibly play in Montreal or Laval before the end of the season.

Oddly enough, the organization has just released a post about the young man. An interview conducted in September, but they decide to publish it now. Coincidence?

"David Reinbacher: Ready to carve out a place...

David Reinbacher reflects on the emotions he experienced when signing his first NHL contract at the 2023 Canadiens Development Camp:

"To sign my first contract for the National Hockey League; I was so excited. It's just a small step in the right direction. In your head, you've achieved something that not everyone has, but now you've got to work to make the team and stay on the team. So, it was kind of both: some good emotions, but some emotions where you're like, «Okay, now it's time to work.»

About being welcomed as a hero upon returning home after the Draft:

I went to a couple of camps with young kids. You can see right away they're happy. You can make them smile just by saying hi to them and giving them a fist bump or something. They look up to you like a role model."

- Montreal Canadiens

Let's hope the next post about him will confirm his arrival in Montreal!

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Arrival of David Reinbacher: Last-minute official statement from the Canadiens

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