Angela Price and Carey Price
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Carey Price is revealed in the spotlight by his wife, Angela Price

Published May 1, 2024 at 10:59 PM

Carey Price is a very reserved man who doesn't like to talk about his private life in front of the cameras. For his wife, it's completely the opposite.

This completely different personality trait between the two is a great example of why some couples sometimes need therapy. It's a good way to communicate better and understand each other better.

We know it hasn't always been easy for Carey and Angela, and they have attended therapy sessions before. A user asked Angela if the couple still goes to therapy.

Honestly, the question was asked very tastefully, so I don't see anything shocking about it.

"Do you and Carey still go to couples therapy? No judgment, I just think this is very healthy."

With a lot of transparency, Angela answered this question, also revealing her husband Carey.

"We just go as needed now... Which is not often. I think the biggest thing we learned in therapy was how to better communicate so we don't feel like it's needed on a regular basis now" - Angela Price

I think it's great that she shares this publicly. If it can help people, it's a beautiful victory.

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Carey Price is revealed in the spotlight by his wife, Angela Price

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