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CH: McGuire gets turned around by Martin St-Louis

Published March 30, 2024 at 3:06 PM

We witnessed a somewhat awkward moment at the press conference with Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens, where he turned Martin McGuire away with his question.

Indeed, the coach's focus is clearly on his team's end of season, and he made it known to everyone in the room that he wouldn't be answering questions about what comes next. At least not for the moment.

Towards the end of the press conference, Martin McGuire asked St-Louis if healthy players should accept invitations from their countries to go to the World Championship.

For everyone around the team, it's clear that the Canadiens won't make the playoffs this year. However, it's not mathematically confirmed yet, so we understand Martin's reluctance to answer that question.

"Listen, there are 10 games left to play this season, I won't start talking about the World Championship, Martin... I'm sorry."

- Martin St-Louis, who then stood up and left the press conference room

I personally believe that St-Louis did the right thing by avoiding the question. It would have confirmed that the team has no reason to fight anymore, and his job is to motivate the troops to believe in something, even if the odds are slim.

Nevertheless, I want to say that I admire Martin McGuire overall in his work, sincerely. The goal here is not to ridicule him, just to mention that this kind of question, while the season is not over, doesn't sit well with the coach.

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CH: McGuire gets turned around by Martin St-Louis

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