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Good news and a major acquisition for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens

Published March 29, 2024 at 0:13

Kent Hughes will once again have the opportunity to make a very good acquisition in the upcoming draft. A major acquisition that will greatly help the team in the long term.

Indeed, the Canadiens are currently experiencing the best of both worlds. Wins are accumulating, which is excellent for the young players. We see the emergence of Nick Suzuki, Arber Xhekaj, and Juraj Slafkovsky, among others, and Cayden Primeau, who is sensational.

This sequence of three wins could be harmful for the Habs, but the team's direct rivals for a top 5 pick in the draft, such as the Ottawa Senators and the Arizona Coyotes, are also winning.

At the time of writing, the Canadiens won on Thursday night, the Sens did too, and the Coyotes lead 6-3 early in the third period against the Predators. Let's just say the timing is perfect to allow the young players to learn how to win while remaining in the race for a top 5 pick in the draft.

The Canadiens are currently 6th in the reverse order, and the Coyotes will have a slim lead if they win. The Sens have the same number of points but more wins, so they're ahead.

There are two schools of thought: lose to draft better and win to progress better. Currently, the Canadiens are winning to progress and to draft better. It's very good news for Kent Hughes and the entire organization. With another top 5 pick this year, there's no doubt that the rebuild will start to come to an end.

If the general manager can acquire an impact player on the free-agent market or through a trade, it will be the cherry on top of the sundae.

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Good news and a major acquisition for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens

If Kent Hughes manages to make a good acquisition in the next draft, do you believe the Canadiens' rebuild will finally be finished?

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