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Huge discomfort for Nick Suzuki during a press conference

Published February 9, 2024 at 4:55 PM
Thursday night marked the first edition of "Dream Big" at the Casino de Montréal. For the occasion, 20 Canadiens players and their girlfriends attended the event in style.

Captain Nick Suzuki and his partner obviously hold this cause close to their hearts, as it is associated with the Canadiens Children's Foundation.

During a press conference with the couple, a journalist delved a bit into the personal, and it seemed to shake the captain, who didn't seem to know how to respond.

"Am I the only one that doesn't find this appropriate?

Context: the previous question asked how long they were together." - HFTV

The journalist outright asked them if the next step was to have their own child. It's a valid question, of course, but on the red carpet of such a significant event, many felt it was inappropriate. Imagine the discomfort if one of them is infertile or if they simply don't want children...

Nick owes one to his partner and thanked her for her wit. She responded that they have two cats, and that keeps them plenty occupied for the time being.

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Huge discomfort for Nick Suzuki during a press conference

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