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Press conference announced for Kent Hughes and it promises

Published May 6, 2024 at 1:51 PM

Tuesday will finally see the long-awaited NHL Draft Lottery take place. We will finally know at which position the Canadiens will be selecting their next impact player.

Remember that this pick will be at most a 7th. The Habs cannot drop any lower in the lottery rankings, but they have a chance to move up, even potentially securing the first overall pick.

According to the excellent Priyanta Emrith, Kent Hughes will hold a press conference after the lottery, via Zoom. He will discuss the Canadiens' draft position and will be questioned about his plans leading up to the draft. It promises to be an interesting event!

"Once the #NHL Draft Lottery concludes Tuesday evening and Montreal know what number they will be selecting in the 1st round, #Habs GM Kent Hughes will speak with the media [via Zoom]."

Macklin Celebrini will finally know his future destination

They don't call it the Macklin Celebrini lottery for nothing. It's unanimous; he will be the first overall pick, and the team that wins the lottery will have quite the player on their hands.

The Canadiens have an 8.5% chance of winning, the same odds as last year when they ended up with the 5th overall pick.

Regarding Kent Hughes, this press conference promises to be very interesting because he will finally be able to set his pieces in motion for the draft. While not revealing his strategy, the GM is known for being quite transparent about his intentions.

We know that the GM likes to make trades at the draft, and with two first-round picks this year, he will surely be tempted to improve his team.

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Press conference announced for Kent Hughes and it promises

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