Trevor Zegras and Juraj Slafkovsky
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Trevor Zegras to Montreal? A video ignites the web with Slafkovsky

Published May 6, 2024 at 11:37

For the past year, there have been rumors of a trade between the Canadiens and the Ducks involving Trevor Zegras.

The link is easy to make, as Zegras is best friends with Cole Caufield, and he's also familiar with Martin St-Louis. Additionally, the Habs need a player of his caliber.


However, this kind of transaction isn't taken lightly. It takes time to reach an agreement so that both teams can come out as winners. Plus, there's no guarantee that Kent Hughes is involved in the deal.

Live from the World Championship, there was a scene that significantly reignited the rumors this morning. Juraj Slafkovsky went to see and chat with Trevor Zegras.

The two young players even hugged! It's clear that they aren't meeting for the first time, and they seem to get along very well!

"Juraj Slafkovsky and Trevor Zegras seem to get along well!"

Indeed, when I see this kind of scene, I can only rejoice. I imagine that the fit would be good in the locker room and on the ice if Zegras landed in Montreal.

Will Kent Hughes be willing to pay the price to acquire Zegras? Recall that Pat Verbbek, the Ducks GM, desires a right-handed forward and a right-handed defenseman. He didn't specify that it was in exchange for Zegras, but the Ducks need that.

For Kent Hughes, it remains to be seen if he's willing to part ways with Logan Mailloux or David Reinbacher. I highly doubt that Justin Barron is on their radar.

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Trevor Zegras to Montreal? A video ignites the web with Slafkovsky

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