Shocking statement about Carey Price: a host comes to his defense

David St-Jean
June 11, 2024  (6:46 PM)

Carey Price
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Carey Price has carried the Montreal Canadiens on his shoulders for many years, to the point where there is talk of retiring his jersey.

Even without winning a Stanley Cup, Carey has given so much to the Canadiens and to Montreal, holding numerous franchise records.
When people within the organization suggest the possibility of retiring his jersey, it's quite significant. It demonstrates the influence he had during his career.
During the ceremony for his honorary doctorate at the end of May, Price was the target of numerous shocking statements and hateful comments about his career.
All because he didn't bring a Stanley Cup to Montreal. It's literally the only thing he didn't bring to the city.
Louis Jean felt the need to defend him, and it was worth sharing his video because I agree 100% with him, and the message needs to be heard.
"I need your help to understand a phenomenon that has baffled me for years, and I am very sincere, I want to read your thoughts. Write to me, maybe you can enlighten me on the matter, and I am talking about Carey Price.

Carey Price, who is back in the news because he will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Northern British Columbia.

And suddenly, we start discussing his career, and somewhat his legacy, and I am surprised to see how there are sharp criticisms, there is venom, we are harsh, extremely harsh towards Carey Price." - Louis Jean

He adds what we all know: that the Canadiens were never able to properly support him, that if he had played for the Avalanche or the Maple Leafs, he would have won the Cup.
Are we really belittling a man who gave his entire career to the Canadiens? He even sacrificed his future for this franchise, as he will have lasting injuries for the rest of his life.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it's normal for many people not to like him, but to demean him during a positive announcement like his honorary doctorate is shameful.
Fortunately, the majority of Canadiens fans have common sense.
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Shocking statement about Carey Price: a host comes to his defense

According to you, are people too hard on Carey Price?

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