Trevor Zegras to Montreal: major development involving Martin St-Louis

David St-Jean
June 11, 2024  (6:22 PM)

Trevor Zegras and Martin St-Louis
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The names of Trevor Zegras and Martin Necas have been linked to the Montreal Canadiens for several weeks, and Martin St-Louis has just fueled these rumors.

Indeed, the Canadiens' coach was seen at the gym with none other than Trevor Zegras, and their interaction seemed very friendly.
«My sources tell me that the guy he talked to the most is named Trevor Zegras. They met at the gym, chatted, and left together. I don't know if they went to eat, but Martin St-Louis and Trevor Zegras left the gym together, arm in arm, ‘chummy-chummy'... Listen, maybe it doesn't mean anything either!» - Jérôme Landy on FM 93's 'Trudeau-Landry' show

This is a significant development. As Jérôme Landy rightly points out, it might not necessarily mean anything, but the timing is very intriguing.
In addition to being the best friend of Cole Caufield, Zegras now maintains a very good relationship with St-Louis.
We know he wants to leave the Ducks and that the feeling is mutual, so Kent Hughes is really on the case. Will he manage to reach an agreement with Pat Verbeek? That remains to be seen.
In my opinion, everything will depend on the draft. I'm really curious to know what kind of offer Kent Hughes could make to his counterpart that would entice him to accept.
Hughes has mentioned several times that he won't sacrifice the future of the team to make an acquisition, and several sources say he won't trade any defenseman from his future top four, including Kaiden Guhle, Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux, and David Reinbacher.
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Information majeure du FM93 impliquant Martin St-Louis, Trevor Zegras et le CH
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Trevor Zegras to Montreal: major development involving Martin St-Louis

Do you think it's just a coincidence that Martin St-Louis was seen with Trevor Zegras, or is it a sign?

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