The Canadiens are about to make a significant decision regarding David Reinbacher?

David St-Jean
February 9, 2024  (9:23 PM)

David Reinbacher
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David Reinbacher was selected by the Canadiens with the 5th overall pick in the last NHL draft. This pick sparked controversy, particularly because the Canadiens passed on Matvei Michkov, who is highly promising.

The organization decided that for the betterment of his development, Reinbacher should return to Europe for a season, but the outcome has been somewhat disappointing.
The Kloten club is at the bottom of the league, having gone through three different coaches, and Reinbacher has dealt with injuries. In summary, the Canadiens must bring the young player out of this environment once his season is over, as he has done anything but gain confidence this year.
According to Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, the young defenseman could arrive in North America as early as March 4th.
"Everything indicates that David Reinbacher will fly to North America and join the Laval Rocket once his season is over, unless there is a change of plan or an injury.

But when is that? It's a bit complex, but the answers are below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The last game of the regular season for HC Kloten is on March 4th.

If they finish in 11th or 12th place, they will not go to the playoffs or relegation, and Reinbacher can come immediately.

If they finish in 13th or 14th place, they will have to play a relegation series in a best-of-seven format, with the first game on March 16th and the last on March 30th. If they win this series, Reinbacher can come afterwards.

If they lose this series, they COULD have to play a series against the champions of the NLB (Kloten playing in the NLA), but it's possible that it won't happen for infrastructure and budget reasons, I'm told.

Kloten is currently 13th in the standings with 47 points, but they have won 4 of their last 5 games, while the team ranked 12th (Rapperswill) also has 47 points but has lost 4 of their last 5 matches.

In short, we hope that HC Kloten finishes in 12th place and Rapperswill in 13th place so that Reinbacher could take the plane to Montreal on March 4-5. Otherwise, it significantly delays things, and... I think many of us are eager to see him play closer to home!"

The Canadiens really need to bring him to Montreal or Laval to allow him to play in a more positive environment. One thing is certain; it would be very surprising if he returns to Europe next year.
The Canadiens are about to make a significant decision regarding David Reinbacher?

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