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Martin St-Louis
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Hilarious scene involving Martin St-Louis during a press conference

Published February 9, 2024 at 5:33 PM

At the dawn of two games in 24 hours this weekend, Martin St-Louis met with the media after the morning practice.

The excellent journalist Anthony Martineau, who covers the Canadiens' activities daily for TVA Sports, highlighted the fact that the coach is celebrating his two-year anniversary at the helm of the team today.

The coach's response was just perfect.

"'No cake?!'

Mentioning (learning?) to Martin St-Louis that it's his 2nd coachniversary taught me that he has a sweet tooth.

He'll get served next year. 🤝😂

More seriously, MSL appreciates his time here.

And his players respect him as much as on the first day."

- Anthony Martineau

Indeed, Martin didn't seem to know that it has been two years to the day since he took over the team. He mentions that he is a hockey enthusiast and is happy to have this position.

We have no doubt about it. It shows in everything he says and does. St-Louis is an incredible hockey mind, and no matter when his journey with the Canadiens comes to an end, everyone who has been around him will have grown.

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Hilarious scene involving Martin St-Louis during a press conference

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