Patrick Roy
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Patrick Roy sends a powerful message to the entire NHL

Published April 16, 2024 at 9:31 PM

Upon his arrival with the New York Islanders in January, it was unclear why Patrick Roy had accepted such a mandate.

Known for being very good with young players, Roy was going to lead a team composed of veterans while he was previously linked to the young Ottawa Senators.

Even the Senators' owner, Michael Andlauer, admitted he regretted not offering him the position. That speaks volumes, especially considering there was a coaching change there during the season.

The Islanders weren't lined up to make the playoffs when Roy arrived. He was criticized for joining this team, and many did not believe in him after his departure from the Avalanche.

As of Monday night, his team is now assured of making the playoffs, which surprises many.

Patrick has sent a very clear message to his detractors: he is back for good and he intends to win!

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Patrick Roy se moque de toute la LNH et envoie un message clair
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Patrick Roy sends a powerful message to the entire NHL

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