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EXCUSE ME: Brady Tkachuk traded?

Published February 26, 2024 at 7:21 PM

The years go by and seem to be repeating in Ottawa. Just when it appears that the team is on track for the playoffs, everything falls apart, and they remain at the bottom of the standings.

There have been many changes, though. A rebuild, a new owner, a new general manager, a new head coach... yet, the results remain the same.

According to Ryan Whitney, the next step could involve trading captain Brady Tkachuk.

"The sens have something cooking right now. Rumor Boys hearing that Ottawa would maybe move Brady Tkachuk. Can't believe it though because no one could be that dumb. 9 points out of playoffs with 2 games in hand."

- Ryan Whitney

It would be quite a surprise if the star player is traded, but it's not impossible. If the new management of the team decides he is no longer part of the plans, the return could be colossal and crucial for the future.

We're talking about a forward who averages about a point per game, is only 24 years old, and is entering his prime years. Additionally, he brings a nice mix of physicality and finesse, in the Tkachuk family tradition.

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EXCUSE ME: Brady Tkachuk traded?

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