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The real reason for Auston Matthews' departure would be identified

Published May 3, 2024 at 6:51 PM

It is with great surprise that the Toronto Maple Leafs were able to win the last two games to tie the series against Boston at 3-3. Auston Matthews has been absent since the 4th game.

Indeed, the star forward is not with the team, and they still managed to win two consecutive games without him.

The organization claims he is sick, but many people wonder if he is not injured. A doctor believes he has found the answer by closely watching the videos of the 4th game, and it makes a lot of sense.

"In my opinion, Auston Matthews probably tore something in his right leg on this play.

I watched his shifts after this play in game 3 and in game 4 and he looked noticeably slower and had much less jump. Tons of torque on the front and inside of the right knee, MCL/LCL tear?"

You can clearly see that his right leg took a hit during the following sequence.

If Matthews really needs surgery due to this injury, we are talking about an absence of about 9 months, just like Kirby Dach.

Let's wait and see if this is really the case, but everything points to the fact that, in addition to being sick, he is seriously injured.

"Looks like the MCL was stressed.

The medial meniscus is attached to the deep fibers of the MCL so technically both could be injured.

If both are compromised sometimes the ACL can get injured too.

They're calling out with an ‘illness' for game 5 & 6 which is strange to me, so there may be more to this knee injury."

- Dr. Jesse Morse

It's not looking good for Matthews. Sooner or later, the Maple Leafs will need him, both in the playoffs and in the regular season.

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The real reason for Auston Matthews' departure would be identified

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