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A NHL prospect better than Connor Bedard?

Published May 10, 2024 at 10:52 PM

A few days ago, the Canadian team caused a surprise by clinching a 6-4 victory against the Americans during the final of the Under-18 World Hockey Championship. In Canada's triumph, a young Canadian hockey player showed that he could be part of discussions for the top pick.

Sixteen-year-old Gavin McKenna was impressive with a tally of 20 points during the tournament. He finished the game not only with a hat trick but also with an assist to help his team secure the gold medal.

Perceived as the top pick in the 2026 amateur draft, Gavin McKenna stood out with the Medicine Hat Tigers, nearly reaching 100 points this season, even though his linemate Cayden Lindstrom missed a significant portion of the regular season.

Gavin McKenna, Better Than Connor Bedard?

One of the few Quebec players to have worn the Canadian jersey, Caleb Desnoyers, who was his linemate along with captain Porter Martone during the World Championship, made a bold statement. He believes McKenna will not only be a good player but also a generational player in the NHL.

"McKenna could become better than [Connor] Bedard. It won't just be a first overall pick; McKenna will be a dominant player as soon as he enters the National League" - Caleb Desnoyers.

Comparing McKenna with previous players of his kind, such as Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Connor Bedard: Sidney Crosby was the best with 135 points at 16, while Connor McDavid scored 66 points, and Connor Bedard scored 110 points at the same age.

Gavin McKenna, on the other hand, scored 97 points, including 34 goals. Cayden Lindstrom missed 40 regular-season games. It would have been interesting to see how many additional points McKenna would have accumulated.

"Every time he has the puck, he's threatening. As soon as he touches it in the offensive zone, opposing teams panic. Guys back off, giving him more time to do what he wants. He's truly an exceptional player that you see once in a million" - Caleb Desnoyers.

Montreal Canadiens Soon Too Good to Hope for McKenna?

Unless there's a major turnaround and a catastrophe during the 2025-2026 season, the chances of the Canadiens acquiring this player are slim.

Kent Hughes, however, hopes his team will make the playoffs in 2026. Otherwise, it means the Habs would have missed the playoffs for five years. No matter the top pick in the amateur draft, it doesn't bode well when you miss the playoffs for five years.

In any case, Kent Hughes has targeted this young McKenna well!

He won't be eligible in 2025 but in 2026. After a season of 97 points in 2023-2024, imagine the feats he could accomplish in 2025-2026. He might earn a spot on the Canadian team for the Under-20 World Junior Hockey Championship, which will take place during the holiday season.
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A NHL prospect better than Connor Bedard?

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