PKP responds to Gary Bettman's request regarding the return of the Nordiques

Carl Vaillancourt
June 14, 2024  (8:58 PM)

Pierre Karl Péladeau
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The Premier of Quebec extended an invitation to the head of the company Quebecor, Pierre Karl Péladeau, to bring the Nordiques back to the National Capital Region and convince Gary Bettman that the Quebec market deserves an NHL team.

However, a condition was expressed by the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec.
During his appearance on the eminent Paul Arcand's show, François Legault suggested that Mr. Péladeau should find serious business partners to present a credible offer to the NHL to bring back the Nordiques. The interview, conducted last Saturday, generated significant online reactions. Our site had published a highly relevant article on the subject.
Recall this important suggestion from Prime Minister François Legault to Pierre Karl Péladeau and Gary Bettman to facilitate the return of the Quebec Nordiques.
"I know that Pierre Karl Péladeau doesn't have the money to put up the total amount. We're talking more than a billion, but now it's time for him to partner with other people and submit a real offer.

I think Mr. Bettman, if he has a real offer on the table, will consider it."

- François Legault

It should be remembered that the Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, also has the mandate for the potential return of the Nordiques to Quebec. This is part of the initiatives undertaken by the CAQ.
Pierre Karl Péladeau accepts Prime Minister François Legault's suggestion and is ready to find partners.
The TVA Sports channel, a Quebecor network, confirmed that the owner is inclined to leverage his network of contacts to present a credible candidacy. This is an important development in the Nordiques' return case.
"Pierre Karl Péladeau says he is ready to find partners to buy an NHL team or franchise.

On Paul Arcand's show on Monday morning, Mr. Péladeau acknowledged the prime minister's suggestion, made to Quebecor's president during his appearance on 98.5 last week."

- TVA Sports

See his exact statement:
"For once, I would say the prime minister is right," said Quebecor's CEO, laughing. "Indeed, the price of hockey clubs has increased exponentially. [...] If several of us were to team up, the cost would indeed be lower."

Pierre Karl Péladeau, who adds that he discusses this topic with people he meets.
We know that PKP bought the Montreal Alouettes franchise in 2023. The former owners were looking to part with the franchise, and he saw a genuine opportunity to build a winning team in the metropolis. A few months after his purchase, the team won the Grey Cup.
Though the situation seems surreal, Gary Bettman nonetheless reminded that the league is not ready for expansion at the moment, but one never knows how popular pressure could impact a decision in cities potentially volunteering for an NHL team.
To be continued.
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PKP responds to Gary Bettman's request regarding the return of the Nordiques

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