MAY 4, 2023  (9:53)

It feels like the end for four prospects with the Canadiens organization, including a surprising departure

The advantage of having a high-quality pool of prospects is that several promising young players will soon be competing for the available positions within the organization.

On the other hand, with the NHL's 50-contract limit, the Canadiens will have important decisions to make regarding their young talents. Inevitably, some of them will never have the chance to sign with the club, even if they were drafted by the Tricolore.

In connection with some prospects who should potentially leave, there are four players who are nearing the end with the organization.

Frederik Dichow and Joe Vrbetic, two goalkeepers aged 22 and 20 respectively, are at a crossroads. Despite the lack of depth among the goaltenders in the CH, the team could lose two prospects at this position.

It's still surprising to see Vrbetic close to the exit door, as he played four games with the Rocket this season, in addition to about thirty matches with the Trois-Rivières Lions in the ECHL.

As for skaters, the recent trade deadline acquisition, Tony Sund, could join the CH's farm team, but since he is another left-handed defenseman and is 27 years old, it would be surprising to see him arrive in North America.

Finally, the last one is Jack Gorniak, a fourth-round pick by the Canadiens in 2018. Unfortunately, he was not dominant during his five seasons in the NCAA, and it is almost certain that he will not receive a contract by the June 1 deadline.