Nick Suzuki is getting solidly picked on, and it's ridiculous

David St-Jean
April 26, 2024  (10:27)

Nick Suzuki
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Nick Suzuki has not missed a game since the beginning of his NHL career. He carries enormous pressure on his shoulders, and yet, he manages to play continuously and clearly improve.

Without Nick, the Canadiens would have been seriously in trouble in the last two seasons, even though the team finished 28th in the overall standings.
He is currently resting in the south with his girlfriend, whom we can now call his fiancée. Therefore, he will not participate in the World Championship, and according to Michel Bergeron, this is unacceptable.
"When I think of great athletes like [Alex] Ovechkin, when his team was eliminated, who rushed to join his team for the World Championships... Now, I see Suzuki, and I'm told he's tired. Tired of what?"

"I heard this week that [Sidney] Crosby, if asked, would consider it. Can you imagine that Crosby would go to the World Championship, but Suzuki is tired? Is there something I'm not understanding about this?" - Michel Bergeron

Playing 82 games in the NHL today is increasingly difficult. Doing it for several consecutive seasons is an achievement. Nick does it year after year, on top of doing everything for the team.
He certainly deserves a break, especially since he intended to propose to his girlfriend.
Moreover, if Nick manages to play 82 games, it's because he takes the time to heal his injuries. All players get injured in the NHL. If Nick prefers to heal after the season rather than during it, it's entirely to his credit.
According to former Canadiens employee Marc Dumont, Bergeron is not wrong when he talks about Suzuki's chances of playing in the Olympics diminishing, but he makes a good point.
"Before anyone gets too upset, Michel Bergeron is right. Playing this summer would help Suzuki's chances of playing in 2026.

But it's a tiny part of the puzzle. Right now, the Habs need Suzuki to be perfectly healthy next season. It's what matters most."

He adds that international competitions are some time away, and his performances during the season will dictate much more if he receives an invitation.
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Nick Suzuki is getting solidly picked on, and it's ridiculous

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