Valeri Nichushkin
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Suspension of 6 months: the reasons are known for Nichushkin

Published May 13, 2024 at 10:38 PM

Addiction can affect anyone, even stars. Look at Mike Ribeiro, who could have had a stellar career without addiction.

Now, we're talking about Valeri Nichushkin, the Colorado Avalanche forward. He had some issues last year in the playoffs, and they're continuing this year.

Indeed, Nichushkin reportedly failed a drug test, which is against the regulations, especially in his position.

"Sources say Nichushkin recently failed a drug test. He missed playoff games last year after a 911 call in Seattle in which an intoxicated woman was found in his room."

- Frank Seravalli

He's now in the third stage of the NHL Player Assistance Program, yet he still failed a screening test. The sentence is a minimum of 6 months without pay, and he'll have to earn his place back if he wants to return.

It's really unfortunate. We're talking about an excellent hockey player, and his career is in jeopardy.

Other players have struggled with addiction, including Alex Galchenyuk, the former Canadien. He got into trouble with that.

Let's hope Nichushkin can overcome this and break free from his addiction.

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Suspension of 6 months: the reasons are known for Nichushkin

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