Carey Price and Paul Byron
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Carey Price back in position with the Canadiens? Intriguing scene

Published April 16, 2024 at 10:23 PM

Carey Price was at the Bell Centre for the Canadiens' last game of the season, and intrigue was high when we saw who he was with.

At the beginning of the season, Carey had rented a suite for his family and himself, but that wasn't the case on Tuesday night.

He was alongside Paul Byron in the suite with Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton! It didn't take much to get the rumor mill going.

Byron is an employee of the Canadiens, and theoretically, so is Price since his contract isn't finished. But the fact that he was present with the team's management, while everyone would like to see him take on a different role once he retires, caused a lot of reaction.

Carey has an incredible reputation in this organization. Whatever position he seeks, he has a chance of getting it one day with the Canadiens. Do you believe his presence in this suite is a coincidence?

Many observers believe not. It's up to you to draw your own conclusions, but I must admit it's intriguing!

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Carey Price back in position with the Canadiens? Intriguing scene

Do you think Carey Price will work for the Canadiens again one day?

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