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Emotional moment between Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens players

Published March 26, 2024 at 12:04

Yesterday, Martin St-Louis returned with the team. For the occasion, he prepared a very touching surprise for the Canadiens players.

Indeed, St-Louis was waiting for the team members in the hotel lobby in Colorado. Nobody expected it, but everyone was overjoyed. It's not an exaggeration to say that there were a lot of emotions.

"When the team arrived, Martin St-Louis was waiting for his players. He shook hands with each one of them. He even hugged some of them. I saw an emotional hug between him and Kaiden Guhle. Also, a very emotional hug between him and Kent Hughes. It was a beautiful moment. We saw the strong bond between Martin St-Louis and his players, and we also saw the strong bond he has with the team's management. We saw the importance of the man. During his absence, we felt that the team was not the same. And that's where we felt his strong presence at the helm of his team."

- Martin McGuire

I would have paid a lot to be present at that exact moment. According to McGuire, we see how important Martin is to both the management and the players. He's truly a key piece of this team.

Respect is paramount between players and their coaches, especially for the head coach. As long as there's mutual respect and a clear plan, beautiful things happen.

And that's exactly what we see with the Canadiens.

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Emotional moment between Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens players

After such an emotional moment, are you convinced that Martin St-Louis is the right coach for the future of the Montreal Canadiens?

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