Massive proposal to acquire Mitch Marner for Montreal

David St-Jean
June 11, 2024  (7:11 PM)

Mitch Marner
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Mitch Marner isn't just a star player; he's an elite level talent in the NHL, and having him in Montreal would be a blessing.

Several insiders, including Frank Seravalli, believe he might be traded this summer, and given the fans' reaction after the Maple Leafs' elimination, I wouldn't be surprised either.
What would surprise me, though, is him coming to Montreal. Yes, Marner is excellent, and yes, Kent Hughes should make an offer to the Leafs, but I don't believe they would accept trading him to a direct rival.
However, Mathias Brunet has entertained the idea of a trade, and he proposed an offer that would be hard for the Leafs to refuse.
"There is another type of transaction that could be made with the fifth overall pick (belonging to the Montreal Canadiens), which is to trade it for an established star player. Mathias Brunet actually floated a bold idea in the recent episode of his podcast 'Processus' with Simon Boisvert, suggesting trading this pick for Mitch Marner." - Mathis Therrien

According to rumors, notably from David Ettedgui, Ivan Demidov might be available at the fifth pick, and the Canadiens would be getting quite a player. However, until he plays in the NHL, he's just a prospect, and there's no guarantee the Canadiens can actually draft him. These are just "rumors."
Personally, I would accept this deal with open arms, provided Marner agrees to a contract extension in Montreal.
Here's Marner's production over the last few years on an 82-game basis:
- 101 points
- 101 points
- 110 points
- 100 points
- 93 points
- 94 points
That's truly excellent. Finding such talent is very difficult. Additionally, Marner has 50 points in 57 playoff games, making him a good playoff performer as well, despite what people say about him.
At the risk of repeating myself, it's unlikely to happen. But if such an offer came to the table, I would gladly accept it with a contract extension.
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Massive proposal to acquire Mitch Marner for Montreal

Would you be willing to trade the Canadiens' 5th overall pick for Mitch Marner, even if Demidov is available?

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