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Troubling statement for Samuel Montembeault of the Canadiens

Published March 30, 2024 at 4:14 PM

Tony Marinaro made a troubling, even disturbing statement regarding Canadiens goaltender Samuel Montembeault.

It was expected that a goalie would stand out once the three-way competition was over, and that's exactly what's happening. However, it's not the name we thought.

Indeed, Samuel Montembeault was seen as a candidate to step up and establish himself as the number one goalie. This is not the case, especially due to Cayden Primeau's stellar performance.

Indeed, the young Primeau has been impressive for a few weeks now, even coming close to completing his second consecutive shutout against the Philadelphia Flyers.

For Tony Marinaro and many fans, the role of the primary goalie is not yet determined, and that's troubling for Monty.

"Everyone knows that Sam is the Canadiens' goaltender. Everyone knows that. But Martin St-Louis, since last year, it's not something he says often, that Sam is his number one. We've never heard him say it."

"I feel like for Martin, Montembeault isn't the number one goalie like [Nick] Suzuki can be the number one center. The biggest battle for me next season might be in the nets." - Tony Marinaro

Indeed, St-Louis mentioned only one candidate as the official number one since he took over, and that's Jake Allen, at the beginning of the 2022-23 season. Since then, he has never dared to give a verdict on this matter.

It's hard to argue with him, as Primeau is simply in a class of his own right now, with some fans even calling for him to play more often.

It promises to be an interesting battle in the next camp and the next season. It will be crucial for the future of both men guarding the net.

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Troubling statement for Samuel Montembeault of the Canadiens

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