AUGUST 23, 2023  (9:10)

A video involving Juraj Slafkovsky and a pretty young lady is causing a sensation on the web

The Montreal Canadiens' first overall pick in 2022, Juraj Slafkovsky, is a hugely known personality in Slovakia, being one of the current sports superstars of his country.

Obviously, a highly popular person like the CH's number 20 attracts potential partnerships, and there's precisely one involving the young forward that has just emerged.

You can see Slaf promoting a Slovakian bottled water company, accompanied by a very beautiful young lady.

Here are the images from this advertisement which is very well done:

On the brink of his second season in the NHL, we're eager to see his progress, as he has worked extremely hard during the summer to improve his stamina and cardio to be as efficient as possible during each of his appearances on the ice.

After a first campaign of 10 points in 39 games, we are eager to see the next step in his development.

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